Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tumultous week...

Up and down. And mostly no sleep. in bed every night by 4 or after and up at 9 to get at it all again. Good and bad things all over the place. I will write about good things in other posts but for this one I think I will focus on one topic.

I recieved word from Gestalt Publishings managing director, Wolfgang who told me that Diamond Distrubutors (who service the English language comic store market) had canceled the distribution for Flinch without consultation or negotiation (and, actually, without notifying us directly -- we only found out via feedback from a stockist in Montreal).

It all happened quite quickly. Sites got wind of what had happened overnight and stories were popping up here and there on the internet. It caused a bit of a stir and by the time Diamond got back to us, our account manager explained that it was in fact the system automatically striking us from the list as we fell a little short of their new sales minimums (but more than met the previous ones I believe). I don't know exactly how and I am very thankful for this, but Diamond have now reversed the cancellation.

This does bring into light the monopoly that Diamond have over the comics world. In situations like this we are helpless and I wonder how many other publishers have been put in this very situation. It also makes me worry for the future of comics. Although to be honest, there isnt a thing we cant not worry about in this recession.

So we keep on keeping on and hope that things will improve in the future for us.

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