Sunday, April 26, 2009


I have been QUITE busy the last week and these are some of the things I have been doing, I am sorry to have updated so late in the week. Above you can see some photos for the Yongen Launch party. Their excellent CD is available on Amazon and iTunes and if you have never heard their music then here is a great place to start. It's all good. The video is up on line here also.
Oh and one of the high points of the night was meeting and shaking hands with the ultra cool Cocco (woo hoo!).
The Above are some shirts which we did up for the party. They are slightly different to those above but they are all printed and out here in Japan. As I type this, some are being sent to Australia for the Flinch book launch and other such upcoming events. Also - -
I met with a friend of mine at Square Enix (best not to divulge his name, he seems to get upset when people write new things about him on Wikipedia etc) and had an awesome chat about games past and present and a game idea that I may or may not get to make a presentation for there soon... maybe. We'll see. UPDATE; I Forgot to mention that I received Advent Children, complete with a Final Fantasy XIII from said good friend which I have only now realized isnt available overseas just yet. So I can tell you that it is good and brings back the feeling I had when I played FF7 all those years back. I dont have a great deal of time to play games, but this one I will be working my way through. Nice.

And finally, this Sunday afternoon at the Ginza Apple store in Tokyo, I enjoyed a presentation by Hideo Kojima (a well known 'makka' or Mac fan) - the Director of the Metal Gear Solid games. He said many interesting things but one thing in particular was how he said that many people start on one job, say musician or cartoonist and can often find their way into a completely different (although creative) job (say game design). It was interesting on many levels and highly enjoyable. if sites like 1UP or OFFWORLD run anything on this (and I notice it) I'll post it here for you.

So - of course there's been a lot more happening about here - but it's sleepies time. Over and out.

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