Sunday, July 13, 2014

Killeroo Art

A piece completed for upcoming Killeroo project.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

New Studio!

New studio! One which lets me swivel from Digital to analogue desks. Far from complete but looking promising :)

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Although late in posting this, I am extremely proud to be the recipient of a Gold Ledger award for my work on Vowels in 2008. This is to say the least a HUGE honor. Vowels is the book which brought Wolf and I together to form our company; Gestalt Publishing.

More recently Vowels was reviewed on the Capsule Computers website scoring a smile inducing 10 out of 10. Some sample comic pages can be found here.

UPDATE - Some pictures of the event (Which I was unable to attend). Other Gestalt books I assisted on - Changing Ways and Flinch also took home awards. Very happy about this;

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

BBDC - Batman vs The Cybermen.

It could happen.
(Brush & ink/ Photoshop)

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New 2014

Here's a picture summing up how 2013 felt for me, looking forward to being healthier- mind and body this year. Ding ding! Here goes another round.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sometimes a line needs to be drawn.

And sometimes a line can be used as a tool separating what came before and what comes after. Sometimes, it just feels good to draw a line. To make a mark. 
Will update again early 2014.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Out of no where, an update!

It's been quite a time between posts and for the longest time I've wanted to post something here.

Games you see is my bread and butter. It's what I work on day in and out - all of which is of course confidential and as such cant show or speak of any of it, naturally.

Rombies in the form it existed and in another is being tended to in the background, not as much by myself (see previous bread and butter line) but by other creatives also for which I am greatful. Sincere apologies for the void I have left Rombies in, though I would rather it be called 'regroup and replan' instead...

So there it is. A post out of the blue. An update and an apology from me.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


- That aside, I am doing some pretty interesting work at the moment. I've started work as Art Director at Mobage/ DeNA (ngMoco etc) and have been doing some pretty interesting stuff in some pretty short timeframes (interesting = good in this case). In other news;

1) Rombies may be getting a new regular artist to take over illustration duties - this year has not been kind to the book but it WILL continue.We have 10+ issues awesomely written which have to see the light of day. They will.

2) I have plaaaaaannssssss.

3) My cover art on AFTERSHOCK made in into this weeks JapanTimes (print edition also - haven't found it yet though);

This is covering the work of the many artists in and out out of Japan who put down their thoughts and emotions in the hopes of supporting the disaster stricken nation in particular the compilation produced by Adam Pasion for which I provided cover art.

Thats all for now. Hope to update again soon but so much is happening at the moment. Shall post again when I am able.

Chao for nao.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

SDCC Gestalt Comics Lineup!

These 3 books debut at the San Diego Comic Convention this year and did exceptionally well. I know because I was there and worked on all of the books as Art Director and Publication designer. As in keeping with Gestalt traditions, all three books are exactly the kinda thing I'd like to read and having read them more than once, I can confidently say that fans out there will really love this stuff.

You can find the books on the Gestalt website and you can read about Tom Taylor puttng the challenge out there to get some Deep cosplay happening (c'mon, look at the Nektons - how sexy would they look in real life? I second that challenge!).
The Deep cosplay! Make it happen!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

SDCC Schedule Update

So, I will be in San Diego - At the Con shmoozing with the likes of you! Where will I be exactly? Check this schedule! Thats where I'll be.So much awesomeness in a week, not... sure... feeble... human mind... can... BUDDOW! (I jus' asploded).

I do hope to see you all there. Let me scribble on yer books. Or you know... the books you have that I worked on. That would be best :D

Friday, July 15, 2011

Skye at the San Diego Comic Con! WOO!

In just a few days I'll be leaving Japan, flying over to the San Diego Comic Convention where I will be manning booth #4500 and will be there daily for signings/ to scribble on your books. Writer Tom Taylor will also be taking some time out from a galaxy far far away to sign your copies of Rombies and, should you be bold enough, we will take your photo for your chance to appear in future issues as a Rombies Extra! Be zombified for posterity! 

Here is where we will be on the floor (insert beer joke here) Look forward to seeing you all!;

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rombies#1 Online. Free.

I really really should have mentioned that Rombies #1 is available to read online for free over at a few new pages a week go up but hopefully the full issue should be up soon. By all means please, check it out!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Skyes ARTdepartment site up!

The Japanese version of my site is now online, but even if you don't speak the language, it should still be quite easy to navigate. Why not give it a go? There's more content to come as well as an English version in the pipes. Time permitting. There are also things that need editing, so if you look now, you might get to see odd work that I really shouldn't have put up on the site (June 2, 2011).

My thoughts on psychos.

It's been a while since the March 11 quake here in Japan and I've noticed the crazies coming out of the woodwork, declaring May 21st, 2011 the Rapture/ end of the world and trying to comment on this blog and in other places.

Well, I obviously wont have that. News flash crazies; Just because I happened to be in a big quake, doesn't mean that I will approve your comments about what ever chapter of the bible you are pulling from your heads.

I'm an Atheist. Or as I prefer to put it - a thinker. non constructive comments aren't welcome. thank you. You give christians who are still able to think a bad name.

Oh, and enough with the 'Pray for Japan' Facebook badges. Get a 'do for Japan' badge. Better yet, get off your asses and actually DO something if you care enough to put a badge on your avatar.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Japan Earthquake & Tsunami

I almost don't know how to write this post. I guess I should begin by explaining why it should be so hard for me to write. I have lived in Tokyo for the past 5 years and am married with a pet fish (baby steps, a child is a big responsibility).
Three days ago Japan was rocked by what was thought to have been a magnitude 7.4 and gradually upgraded to a magnitude 9, one of the largest recorded and definitely the biggest Japan has seen (since they started recording them - before that who knows?).  At 2:45 Japan time sitting at my work terminal a quake began to work its way up from the ground it quickly became more violent and I knew that it wasn't a normal quake.
I ran to the bedroom where my wife was sleeping having stayed home ill.progressively the shaking was becoming more and more violent and screamed to her to wake up 'MAI! JISHIN!!!' she's Japanese and has grown up with Quakes, her family experienced the Hanshin Quake in '95 woking up I could see that even she was shocked at the shaking because at this point the entire apartment was rocking and groaning, bottles and anything on every surface was being knocked around and thrown to the floor.
running about, I opened windows and the front door - our quick exit. When I did I saw that the homes around us shook like jelly, trees and electric poles wobbling violently as the Quake grew stronger and stronger. I ran back into the house to yell at my wife who was holding our rather large fish tank back from the edge and from falling on the floor. 'MAI LETS GO!!! INTO THE BATHROOM!' I yelled thinking that the pipes in the walls would be the best place for us to wait it out.
Frustratingly she ignored me and stayed with the fish while the quake continued to build up strength. seeing our (already broken) TV almost tip over and fall to the floor I ran back to my studio to catch my Wacom Cintiq before it dropped from my desk. Terrified that the creaking house would fall down on my head, I could only think of screaming help. Skype was open and the cursor was on a contact. I ever so slowly typed in 'quake!' and pressed enter.
At it's most violent point, the quake finally started to subside. It had lasted more than a minute. It scared the shit out of me.
My wife and I shakingly met in the lounge room, the house felt like it was still wobbling. My sea sickness began at that point and wouldn't pass for the next few days (as I write this I'm still a little dizzy from the 150+ after shocks we've had each day since). We hugged. We couldn't speak. Then... we both swore under our breaths and just sank right there to the floor. Man, if that wasn't the big one it was its f#cking cousin because it shook a great deal. After saying how we couldn't believe what had just happened, Mai went to lay down again in bed.
But it wasn't more than 15 minutes before an aftershock - one which seemed almost as powerful and frightening as the first jolted us. Mai again ran to the fish tank, I to the computer at my workstation, this time feeling a little more confident that I could get away with typing more in Skype. I described what was happening to Tom Taylor who was out of the room at the time. I can only imagine his surprise to read all that I had written because it went on to describe this;
After the second Earthquake I could hear a booming sound in the skies above. Running outdoors I saw army helicopters racing northward and directly afterward, the source of the booming noise; a commercial passenger plane traveling so low directly overhead that I thought it possible to throw something at it making a banking roll to the right. Amazed I ran out side and up the stairs to the top story of my building. to the far right on the horizon smoke had started billowing up into the sky. A fire had broken out somewhere.
After running in to report to my wife what I'd seen I ran back out hearing something. Raindrops It was a light sunshower and all the clouds were far on the horizon. It was... odd. Maybe it was pee from the passenger plane? Ew. No. Not pee. Can't be. Lalalalala.
- - I still don't know why the light rain fell. Perhaps due to the ensuing tsunami?

When Tom eventually retuned to the computer and read my messages typed some expletive messages in response to my seemingly insane, grammatically incorrect and misspelt messages his communications through Skype would in fact end up giving me the power to get through the ordeal. I grew up in Australia, A land without the need to deal with tectonic plates. The earth is meant to stay still. Tom really helped me through some of the most intense and dangerous moments I have yet to experience.

Quakes regularly until the morning and into the next days all the while we were trying to follow the news where and when we could; TV, internet, radio - any information we could get our hands on. It didn't even occur to me that the Earthquake had caused a Tsunami. My wife being Japanese knew it would come but neither of us... no, nobody expected what came. Absolute devastation is all we have been watching and like the rest of the world we can't believe that this is all happening. Now we have the possibility of various nuclear power stations north of Tokyo becoming a real danger to life here.

Yet there is no rioting in the streets. Everyone is calm and polite. One Blogger (Anna Ikeda) put it best I think;
"Millions of lives saved by good Japanese engineering and Strict government building codes"
The initial quake- a rare magnitude 9 took the lives of between 50 to 70 people last I heard. I feel very fortunate to be standing today. At the same time, the Tsunami which came after the quake was so horrific  and unexpected that I'm not sure any amount of planning could have prevented it. From the videos I saw, it seemed that to flee was the only option at hand. The same gut reaction I had when the quake hit my apartment. Only sometimes, there is nowhere to flee. We in Tokyo were only shaken, the Tsunami took everything from the people it effected. I ask of anybody able to please donate.
I drew the above illustration which is available as a T-shirt 100% of the proceeds for which will be donated. It says 'NIHON, GANBARE!' or 'YOU CAN DO IT JAPAN!' or as put by a friend of mine 'STAY STRONG JAPAN!' Which is a message that I dearly want to convey. Many of my friends live here and it anguishes me to think of harm coming to any of them. Let alone anymore Japanese nationals. This event... It's been too much for anybody to bear.

ADENDUM - I've decided not to post any videos or photos of this dire situation. These don't belong on my blog and you can find them elsewhere/ everywhere else on the web should you feel the need to see them.