Sunday, May 10, 2009

Melbourne the Example, Flinch Book launch

This image unfortunately, has nothing to do with the launch party. It is from the Yongen launch party here in Tokyo. I uhm... dont have any Melbourne Launch photos yet... But this ones nice too!

The launch of Australian comic book publishers latest two books; The Example and Flinch was held in Melbourne and was something I could unfortunately, not attend (despite having worked so hard on the books and Videos etc). Which is a shame because it looked like it was a fantastic event.

Being that I wasn't able to make it, I have no choice but to have the honor of introducing you all one of the very talented people who were there, Bobby N. This boy knows the sequential form well, loves it and it loves him. We should expect to see more works from him quite soon I am told.

Check out some pics from the night on Bobbys blog here (It seems to be a little early and Bobby has been the first to post on this - Well, there and here found linked on the Facebook Australian Comics Creators page).

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