Tuesday, December 6, 2011


- That aside, I am doing some pretty interesting work at the moment. I've started work as Art Director at Mobage/ DeNA (ngMoco etc) and have been doing some pretty interesting stuff in some pretty short timeframes (interesting = good in this case). In other news;

1) Rombies may be getting a new regular artist to take over illustration duties - this year has not been kind to the book but it WILL continue.We have 10+ issues awesomely written which have to see the light of day. They will.

2) I have plaaaaaannssssss.

3) My cover art on AFTERSHOCK made in into this weeks JapanTimes (print edition also - haven't found it yet though);

This is covering the work of the many artists in and out out of Japan who put down their thoughts and emotions in the hopes of supporting the disaster stricken nation in particular the compilation produced by Adam Pasion for which I provided cover art.

Thats all for now. Hope to update again soon but so much is happening at the moment. Shall post again when I am able.

Chao for nao.

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