Tuesday, August 2, 2011

SDCC Gestalt Comics Lineup!

These 3 books debut at the San Diego Comic Convention this year and did exceptionally well. I know because I was there and worked on all of the books as Art Director and Publication designer. As in keeping with Gestalt traditions, all three books are exactly the kinda thing I'd like to read and having read them more than once, I can confidently say that fans out there will really love this stuff.

You can find the books on the Gestalt website and you can read about Tom Taylor puttng the challenge out there to get some Deep cosplay happening (c'mon, look at the Nektons - how sexy would they look in real life? I second that challenge!).
The Deep cosplay! Make it happen!!


Roe said...

maybe in the future, i will found the that book....

MoCo said...

nice. hope to read these soon.