Friday, August 21, 2009

iStargaze lite

As mentioned in my last entry, iStargaze is now up on the itunes App store, getting good reviews there and on various sites such as Tap Critic, Art of the iPhone and even over at the (which I mention here because they are nice chaps and even mention me by name in the article)
Well, for any iPhone and iPod touch owners interested in having a go at the game, We now have a Lite verion (App store link) which features levels that are not available in the full version (so if you've played through the 80 levels on the full version, this is almost like an extra bonus)

I like the way this has turned out which is why am going on and on about it. And hey, even if you are not so keen to pay the dollar or 100 yen or however much it costs in your part of the world, let me know and if they are available, I'll send you a promotional code (depending on how much we have available at the given time).

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