Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tokyo CGM Night

Yesterdays Tokyo CGM Night is celebrated on my blog here in the form of a montage (the first I have dared upload). For those of you who don't know, the Tokyo CGM Night is organized by Danny Choo (The Dancing Akiba Storm Trooper who paid for his house by simply being an Amazon affiliate!) and Andrew Shuttleworth.

We all scored a free Poken each (An extension of all of those networking sites out there, this is an electronic business card and, I think not a bad idea. Its also a 1 gig USB stick so its all win/win situation I say) Read more about how it works here, However here is a review that mirrors my thoughts on the device. UPDATE - After playing with it, I found that the USB device cannot be used for any other purpose, cant drop files on it (It says its 1 gig, but I read its much lower in reality - something like 10-20kb, wtf?), The usefulness of this device has dropped dramatically. Its no longer hanging from my keychain and is sitting in a box in the cupboard. Sorry people.

The people from iknow (now were onboard to show off the free learning tool that I have been using for the past half a year - a service I highly reccomend (It's made the move from being a language learning tool to being a tool to help you learn anything). I also scored a cool little toy for keeping your headphones untalgled (the green moyashimon looking thing made by this nice chap (he has photos of the night here). UPDATE - iknow/ still rocks.

For those living in Tokyo, the Tokyo CGM Night is a brilliant networking opportunity, I was able to meet many creative people from many parts of the globe in a fun environment (I mean, c'mon - there was a storm trooper walking about all night. What more could I ask for?). If you can, definitely come too the next.

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