Tuesday, March 3, 2009

More Vowels-Yongen music video for you

For the most part the promotional video is complete and over the next two weeks I am going over it all, fine tuning as best I can with the time I have (thanks to the help of the people at Aim at Entertainment) The above is the addition of a scene I have just written in, At first I was against going back to tear apart the work I had done but am definitely glad that I have.

This is my Directoral debut which has thankfully gone quite well, I may be getting more work like this in the future. Which is both fantastic and a huge headache in the making. But that is creative work in a nutshell. This will air on MTV, be up on iTunes and be floating about in various places around the world and the www world, Launch party is in April at a gallery in Roppongi so I am guessing that the official date is about there somewheres. It will of course be viewable from here (I think).

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