Thursday, February 26, 2009


This is me;

I am sick. No really quite sick. I think its Bird Flu or Sars or Ebola. I don't know. I should get better soon. I hope. This whole feeling ill has me thinking about the stuff that I do in my free time (this is now technically 'free time' - because if i'm not sick, weekend or after hours - i'm working). 

Well, I tried studying Japanese - but my head hurts too much. I played Biohazard but the Zombies were quicker than me, I tried watching TV but my Japanese brain isn't up to it at the moment. I watched Youtube - The usual for me Cults (in which I include all religions), Ghosts, UFO's and Conspiracies.

It is days like these that really make me realise that I do love my work and when I dont get to pursue creative things I end up feeling horrible. That said, the Yongen/Vowels promotion video isnt far away now. Just another few weeks and I have recieved word that the launch party will be down in Tokyos Roppongi Hills district. Yay!

koff koff. ok, that's me blogging about nothing major at all. big projects/ plans are moving, however, I cant show much at the moment. Be back with something more solid in a while.

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