Sunday, March 8, 2009

Monday morning news

The new Gestalt Comics book, Flinch gets a brief nod over at ABC's Articulate site, where they surprisingly chose to show my art instead of some of the other great (no, awesome) artists work. Ah well/ yay.

Halbon got a few bad reviews (Thankfully, equally as many good reviews) over the weekend owing to the fact that we left out play instructions (-_-;). This is being rectified as we speak and the 'how to play' details will be included in the new update which will be out quite soon. If you haven't had a look yet, please do (App store link) its a fun game we have put together.

Let me end this entry with a little teaser art (sketches) from my new book - which currently has no schedule due to all of the other things happening at the moment, When it does become official, expect to see much more of this here;

* Note that the second panel will be replaced, I just thought it would be cool for people to see how the page changes and progresses.

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