Thursday, December 25, 2008

A little unauthorized work here, This is Yongen (their site is a little outdated, but their work will surely impress once found) I am currently brainstorming a music video for there fine people, the picture above represents some of the ideas to go into it; ripping off COCCOs photos (many thanks! you rock!).

This is something that will or wont come about quickly in the new year. Quickly I hope. I have TOO many projects going on at the moment, but I think that its all still manageable. It is all definitely cool.

I promised online games. Fumikes. There you have it. I really hope that Square Enix decide to make a bigger version of this, which you know, I might get to make. So please show everyone. I dont think the Japanese language will be a problem. Its pretty easy to understand.

Well, that's me. To all a happy holiday season! jya ne.

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