Sunday, April 11, 2010


Use it or loose it. Some days or weeks I spend in front of the computer hammering away at digital painting, design, animation or motion graphics. Which means that some weeks I don't get a great deal of actual drawing time in.  Or rather didn't get a whole lot of drawing time in until I picked up 'Drawn to Life' by Walt Stanchfield, a two volume collection of lectures by the long time Disney Animator.

In it he writes 'give up the bad habit of not drawing today'. He suggests carrying a cheap pad everywhere you go and draw anything you can when you can. He goes on to suggest drawing a box to place your sketch in - to force you to think about composition, To use a pen instead of a pencil, to be quick and to not care about mistakes. To focus on gesture and not detail.

And so I have been. As an artist, I can really recommend doing this. Much like keeping the gears greased up. I also recommend 'Drawn to Life' for any artist, no matter what their specialty.


Anonymous said...

Great website Skye. Looks like you have really landed on your feet. Good stuff.

Skye said...

Many thanks Andrew.
It's been a long hard journey and I have learned so much (in life and in art) since we last saw each other. But then, thats what time gives us all right?