Sunday, March 21, 2010

100 and two vowels characters.

Last Friday marked my 100th day of freelancing and with it, the completion of my 100 (and two) vowels character project. Now that we are at the end, its time to ask; why? Of course it was a great way to warm up each day and get me into work mode, but was there another purpose to all of this?

Well, yes, there was. Two reasons actually; 1- I now have a set of characters to be used in general projects. Specifically for the Rococo video clip that is in production for Yongen and 2- I am thinking it would be sweet to have some vowels figures don't you? And so, I have started another side project as you can see from the materials below.

Weather they are just for me or to be reproduced at a later date is yet to be decided. That's future talk. Now, however, it would be grand if you could help me out by picking your favorite 5 from the list above and write them in the comments or let me know on Facebook or by email. 

That'd be grand.  ( ^ u ^ ) /


splendidham said...

5 best was pretty difficult dude
71, 70, 29, 12, 7 are what I chose but i could be easily swayed towards others

njmartella said...

Nice work on making the 100 dude. They all came out really well. My favourites: 27, 62, 94, 41 and 10 in no particular order. Looking forward seeing the figures! -Nathan

Matthew said...

Man, choosing 5 is so tough.

I like these:
-34, 102 or 60, but they are in a similar vein.
-84 is a cool dude.
-77 the chef looks really shifty.
-76, but no kiwi jokes please.
-65 is jah.
-36, 18, 005 ...

Ahhh, man. I like them all!

jida said...

i love em all,
but i sense deep character and emotion and can relate to these:
NOs: 23, 90, 69, 86 & 80.
really all great characters that have deep characteristics.

Chelle said...

It's very hard to choose only 5 Skye!

If I had to choose though, I would pick (in order of preference):

1. 91
2. 18
3. 92
4. 81
5. 55

All the Bomba girls love the owl on day 91. Does that count for 3 votes?.. :)

Skye said...

ok, rude of me not to list my fave five. So here they are (I think - this is hard... I feel bad asking people to pick five from 100);

1. 69
2. 22
3. 42
4. 11
5. 3

I THINK these are the ones I like the most... (Michelle - sure - thats 3 votes for the owl)

Anonymous said...

4, 10, 18, 49, 60 70, 91 & 96

and you need to do one in power armour with a chainsword and power fist just for me