Monday, December 7, 2009

Rombies pages. Roughs to final.

Just because it's interesting and this Pachinko illustration work is doing my head in. Seriously hardcore game background illustration happening at the moment. Well, for others it may not be, but I am really pushing my skills on this one. I cant show the final product, but perhaps I can show just one section? Ill try that. Thursday deadline which means I shouldn't be fooling about on my blog. ok ok, back to work after this;
Actually, I will (EDIT - am not allowed) post about the game work. There's far too much paid work that I just don't show anyone. Likely up over the weekend or Monday.


Right. That is meant to be an animated giff. doesnt look so animated. SO. Here's a jpg breakdown for anyone interested (includes roughs and working pencils);

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