Friday, November 27, 2009

November roundup megapost.

So I have been rather quiet on this blog aside from the vowels characters. And now its time to use this as an excuse to take a break from work. The first day of this month was also the first day of Freelance for me. So - here it is. A summary of this month (well, what I did when I wasn't working);

Thats my old workspace at the game company. It shall mostly be missed. I am really glad to be working again on macs. 

 My brother visited from Australia (thats him on the right with the probably imminent kidney failure) and we hung for a week or so and did stuff like have spam burgers and beer in Akihabara (Thats right, my 13 years as a vegetarian came to a close a while back).

FINALLY went to the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka and was utterly utterly inspired. I highly recommend going if you are in or going to Japan.

Had a photo shoot and was interviewed by some of the lovely folk from the West Australian newspaper.

Was lucky enough to meet up with Bernard Caleo (nice chap!) to talk comics (yes, that is buddha and Jesus hanging out) and even managed to score a pre release copy of the impressively sized Tango Collection from Allen & Unwin.

I found a GREAT reason to go to BurgerKing.

tall of the computers went spastic when I connected a certain HD to them. They were in the shop for a full week. I now have 6 external drives, 3 macs and a new wacom tablet to work from. I should be safe from any future failures. 

I started and am finishing up on an 8 page comic for a client. More of that to be shown here at a later date.

Many things are in the works and hopefully some of that will start to come to light soon. Onward and Upwards!


Chelle said...

Cool photo of you and Jida. Love how the guy behind the window wants to be part of the moment.

Skye said...

yeah, he was the guy making our burgers. The staff were cool. they were chatty and even let me charge my iphone there.

Skye said...
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