Thursday, June 11, 2009

Yamato/ Star blazers

While not directly involved in this film (you wont find my name in the credits), many of the guys seated about me are in the process of making cuts for it. My involvement is standing behind these guys occasionally and encouraging them, making comments like 'Is the color of that nebula REALLY ok?'

In anycase, I mention this now because articles have started apperaing in newspapers here in Japan (I have scanned two articles, but they are on another machine - the above image was swiped from the web).  Yes thats right, After 20 years. STARBLAZERS is making a comeback!

I watched this as a kid in Australia and now I work in a studio where this is being made. Talk about luck huh? I will of course keep you al posted.

... I wonder if they have any plans for film tie in comics?

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