Thursday, June 25, 2009

It's official-ish!

Some of the Yosumin team went out for drinks tonight in Shibuya. It was SO MUCH FUN, its been a long while since I have gone to an izakaya (erm, Japanese style bar?).

Great fun, great people and one too many drinks. Ahem. Yes, this is a psuedo drunken blog post. I wanted to say that the Japanese developer blog for Yosumin recently tipped their hat to me (although they show really early, unfinished art which is quite a bummer. Ah well...) Although it's written in Japanese, here's a screen grab/ quick photoshop of it to help illustrate;

In other news, the Yongen/ Vowels music video has finally made its way to MTV Japan and is currently airing. Europe is next I think and I have NO idea about any other places. I will let you know when it does eventually pop up however (I am especially waiting for it to hit my home turf - Australia).


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