Monday, March 23, 2009

Yongen - Give me your Sun, Give me your Moon promotional video

Here we have it, The final product. the sum of the last 2 months worth of sleepless nights. The promotional video for Yongen's new album (itunes link) - Give me your Sun, Give me your Moon.

Yongen have made such great music on this album and we really felt that the world of Vowels fit it nicely. But now you can decide for yourselves. Please watch and let me know what you think. I have written scenarios for the the entire album (!) and if possible,would like to animate the whole thing. Make a movie of sorts out of it.

A big special thanks and sloppy wet kiss must go to Aim at Entertainment for assisting with 3D, helping me polish my animation and for their great technical knowledge. The clip wouldn't be half as good if they weren't there to help me.

You can listen to more of Yongen's music here. I was also art director on the site and yes, that is again, the world of Vowels making an appearance there. I am very happy that the two worlds have met and mesh so well (I personally want to see what happens in the next video, even if I know whats going to happen). ok... next project...

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Chelle said...

I think it's awesome! But you already know that. :)