Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Music video clip

This is really fun. Seriously fun. But absolutely time consuming. The Vowels animation is coming along nicely and I have enlisted the aid of a 2D (traditional) animation and a 3D artist to help with the 4 minute movie.

This is all quite fun for me as it is the first time I am directing a team in making motion graphics (my history is well in print design). So great fun. Experimental.  And hopefully the end result will be something that will be memorable enough to recommend.

The Music video clip is just as odd as the Vowels book and if it is well recieved, there may be more to come. Well, I DEFINITELY have the following story planned out.

Below is a piece that is used in the clip. Its strange and probably wont give anybody a clear idea as to what the hell is going on so I figure it is safe to post here (You can laugh when you watch the video on MTV or rage [Australia] or wherever you see it);

Not so normal huh? It is quite fun to continue from the book in a new format. I like this and hope to see it move in even more directions after a series of short films.
Apart from this I have my normal work at the moment;
1)   An interesting new iphone game which I will post a link too here a little later.
2)   My Zombie comic project (which is moving slowly at the moment due to all the other work which keeps popping up), 
3)   An animated film (which I cant say anything about... sorry... I promise I will a little later, but for now, I can't say a thing)
4)   Flinch - the new Gestalt book
5) new site design. Wolf and I threw this together quite quickly and well, it aint that great. We want to improve on what we have a little more.

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